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Consolidation - Virtualization

Optimizing key is the highlight at ANS-COM, for many years We are implementing virtualization solutions, they are adapted to each company's needs. From small server to the most comprehensive infrastructure of tens of servers hosted in blade machines, specialists in ANS-COM will ensure a quality support.

Virtualization allows you to free you from assigning a server to a single task, and also to consider the available processing capability for multiple servers.

Virtualization allows:

  • Reduced hardware requirements
  • Optimizing hardware utilization rates
  • A perpetuation of your old systems become incompatible with current hardware platforms
  • The 'portability' with a single click of a virtual server from one physical machine to another
  • A boot "ultra fast" in case of failure Systems
  • To calmly prepare for the migration and / or update your business software
  • The distribution of automatic load (load balancing)
  • Continuity of service by the live migration of virtual servers
  • Reduced cost of ownership (acquisition, operation and maintenance)

Consolidation - Virtualization