2019, ANS-COM was 23 years old

From 1996 , ANS-COM has freed companies from the connections

article from the newspaper "La voix du Nord"

It is the nightmare of many business leaders and many employees too: the blow of the computer failure, telephony, internet... all this technology that is forgotten when everything goes well, and which becomes our main obsession with the least "Bug", this is the area of expertise of ANS-COM.

Computer science, telephony, networks are like the car in which you go every morning to go to work: a priori, it must work... Otherwise, big upsets are not far.

To avoid the inconvenience, the ideal in both cases is to choose well the basic equipment, and to give it a careful maintenance. Not obvious when you do not master all the intricacies of mechanics or telecommunications networks and computer systems.

« For the customer, everything concerning telephony, computing and networks must cease to be a concern. »

Olivier Daher, president and founder of ANS-COM

Olivier Daher, founding chairman of ANS-COM, understood these issues concerning the information and communication infrastructures of companies twenty years ago.« I worked in a large company specializing in setting up networks and computer systems for large groups. The sector was in full swing, and I realized that the solutions we were proposing were not within the reach of many SMEs and SMIs ».

This is how ANS-COM was born, with the idea of offering an overall solution to small and medium-sized companies, from consulting to technical implementation, to maintenance.

Scalable support

« We buy hardware, telecom and network solutions and adapt everything so that it perfectly meets the customer's needs », says Olivier Daher. Over time, ANS-COM has adapted its offer to the realities of the needs of its customers: « We take care of backup systems, online security, printing systems, and possible evolutions of all solutions ... For the customer, everything about telephony, computing and networks must stop Be a concern », summarizes Laurent Deswarte, Account Manager in ANS-COM.

Customizing solutions

For the last ten years, ANS-COM has also been a telephony operator, always exclusively in favor of SMEs. « Our offers are adapted to this range of customers », explains Olivier Daher. « We put forward a reactivity and a customization of the solutions that companies do not find in bigger structures ».

With a dozen employees for some 150 clients, ANS-COM is approaching its twentieth anniversary with ambition: « We are working to expand our accommodation offer and we remain attentive to possible extensions of our structure », says Olivier Daher. To get closer to one of its main clients, ANS-COM will open a branch in Amiens by the end of 2016. A way to improve its coverage of SMEs in the Greater Region.